Gwyneth Walker

Trumpets and Tennis Rackets

by Valerie Quire, The Keystone, Kutztown, Pennsylvania

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The KU Concert Band played a variety of music at their Spring Concert Thursday night, from serious to comical, depressing to uplifting. The performance at Schaeffer Auditorium was attended by 150 approximately people. Conductor Dr. John Metcalf led the 50-member student band.

The highlight of the performance was Match Point, composed by Gwyneth Walker, whom Metcalf said “writes very unique pieces.” This playful piece started with the percussionists bouncing tennis balls off of the timpani drums to imitate the sound of tennis balls hitting the court. A few of the balls bounced into the audience, eliciting chuckles from the listeners. The trumpets stood up to play, and low and behold, they were using tennis balls as mutes. During the piece, band members made popping sounds with their mouths and stomped their feet to simulate the noises of a tennis match. The conductor pretended to serve the band with a tennis ball, and used a racket to conduct some of the song.

All in all, a fun evening of music. Mention should be made of the accompanist, Starr Norman, who joined in singing when she wasn't playing.