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Gallery of photographs from the composer's family and childhood

George and Louise Van Anden Frank with daughters Adele (GW's mother) and Alice, c. 1915

GW's father, John Walker, in the Adirondacks, c. 1919

GW's grandfather, Dr. John Baldwin Walker, 1930

GW's parents at their wedding, 1936

GW with her parents, John and Adele Walker, 1950

GW with her parents, 1978

GW with her mother, 1948

GW with Teddy, 1951

GW at the piano where she began composing, 1952

GW with her dog Cindy, 1960

Vermont State Tennis Championships, 1961

from Camp Aloha, 1961 (GW at far right, middle row)

GW with her dog Cindy, outdoors in New Canaan, Connecticut, 1961


at Camp Aloha (GW, Kate Merritt, Perky diNord), 1962


John Walker with his avocado tree, Palm Beach, Florida, 1980

GW with her mother, Adele Walker, 1996

GW with her teacher Arnold Franchetti, 1980


in a Vermont autumn, 1983

Proclamation of Gwyneth Walker Day in New Caanan, Connecticut, 2007
(Jo Deen Blaine Davis, Music Director of the New Canaan Congregational Church; GW; Judy Neville, First Selectman of New Canaan; and Skip Masback, Minister of the New Canaan Congregational Church)