Gwyneth Walker

The Ends of the Earth (are in Your Hand)

for SATB Chorus and Piano (2020)

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The Ends of the Earth is based on the folk hymn "The Lone, Wild Bird." One of the stanzas of the lyrics spoke to the composer with special relevance to contemporary environmental concerns:

The ends of the earth are in Your hand.
The distant seas and the far-off land.
I nothing want but to know Your care.
Great Spirit, come, receive our prayer.

This is a powerful and hopeful message of the Lord's care for the earth. The fate of our imperiled planet is in God's hand. And with this focus on our environment, a new verse has been inserted into this folk song:

The earth is scarred and cries in pain.
The forests burn, and thirst for rain.
When children die, and parents mourn,
Great Spirit be in our hearts reborn.

In this time of violence, and in this time of harm to our planet, Lord, receive our prayer.

Notes by the composer