Gwyneth Walker

Sacred Songs, Vol. 2

for high voice and organ (2020)

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These Sacred Songs for voice and organ (Volume 2) are intended for use within a church service, or for general occasions of reverence, meditation and celebration of The Spirit. Some texts are liturgical. Others are "sacred in nature." But all songs speak to the enduring power of faith.

Tagore: Songs of Heaven and Sky
1. Heaven of Freedom
2. This is My Prayer
3. Thou art the Sky

Welcome Peace
1. Ubi Caritas
2. An Instrument of Thy Peace
3. Deep Peace

Hymns and Spirituals
1. Wayfaring Stranger
2. Let Us Break Bread Together
3. Let the Life I've Lived Speak for Me
4. The Lone, Wild Bird

The Grace of the Word (poetry of Wendell Berry)
1. The Peace of Wild Things
2. Let Us Meet Here Together
3. The Timbered Choir

These songs are currently in a testing form. In the first PDF version posted here, the following error was present:

In the song "An Instrument of Thy Peace", the final organ chord of the song should be G major. (The final section from letter H should not have a B-flat in the key signature.)

In the song "Wayfaring Stranger", measure 90, the voice is missing a dynamic marking of "P" on beat 2