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The listings below contain musical analyses written about the works of Gwyneth Walker. These, along with the extensive information about Walker's music provided throughout this website, should serve as useful tools to researchers. Electronic examination copies of Walker's original musical hand-written manuscripts are available upon request, when relevant to research and studies.

Downloadable MP3 files (and online listenable RealAudio streams) are available for all works referred to in these analyses.

A chapter on the music of Gwyneth Walker (including an extensive interview with the composer) has been included in the book Composers on Composing for Choir (2007). This book is a good reference for research on the music of Gwyneth Walker. It is available from various sources including the publisher GIA and

Five Musical Analyses by Gwyneth Walker:

Musical Analyses and Articles by Carson P. Cooman:

Musical Observations by Gwyneth Walker:

Other Research Documents: