Gwyneth Walker

Moments of Music

for Viola, Cello, and Piano (2021)

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Download a PDF file of the full score of this composition.
Download a PDF file of the instrumental parts of this composition.

Download an MP3 file of a MIDI demo of "Morning Comes" from this composition.
Download an MP3 file of a MIDI demo of "Grace" from this composition.

MP3 files of MIDI realizations of the accompaniments (piano only) of all four movements is available upon request for home, solo performance.

Moments of Music is a series of short works composed during the (pandemic) Winter of 2021. The intent was to provide repertoire for solo strings (viola, cello) with piano accompaniment. This music can be played at home (even substituting a MIDI realization in MP3 format for the live pianist if necessary), or in concert/church performance.

In "Falling Light," the cello assumes a melodic role, while the piano provides a cascading background (as light descending, perhaps at the end of the day). In contrast, "Morning Comes" gives the viola a rhythmic character which is shared with the piano. While "Falling Light" suggests an evening mood, "Morning Comes" starts the day with energy!

"Grace" opens with a piano introduction supporting sostenuto, pulsing 8ths in the strings. This texture may suggest some of the longing felt in this time of isolation. The melody arrives in the cello, answered by viola. This is the hymn tune "Amazing Grace," adapted to an elongated approach. The arrangement ends triumphantly, marked with strength.

The fourth movement is based on the Gaelic melody associated with the hymn "Morning Has Broken." Here the emphasis is on complete simplicity. The key is simply C major, and the music opens with a solo line in the piano. The new morning arrives. There is joy as the harmony fills in with arpeggio patterns. And the music ends with celebratory rhythms.

Specifically, these pieces were composed for the husband/wife duo of Gunnar Sahlin (Cello) and Suzanne Corey-Sahlin (Viola), friends and neighbors of the composer. Indeed, since these string players live under the same roof, they can perform the music at home. Or, they may join forces with Marsha Hall (Pianist and Choir Director) for performance at the United Church of Rowayton, CT.

Notes by the composer