Gwyneth Walker

Awaiting Spring

for Two Violins and Piano (2017)

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Download an MP3 file of a performance of this work by Kurt Nikkonen and Peter Isaacson, violins and Maria Asteriadou, piano.

Download a PDF file of the full piano score of this composition. This score may be printed and duplicated for the purposes of performances.

Download a PDF file of the violin parts of this composition.

A request was received for music for two violins and piano. Thus, this work was composed at the end of an especially snowy and inclement New England Winter. The title of Awaiting Spring seemed appropriate!

"Eagerly Waiting" is an energetic, upwardly-focused movement. One is optimistic, looking to the sky for sun and warmth. Tremoli in the middle section suggest listening for signs of Spring.

"All is Quiet" is serene and peaceful. This may be heard as indoor, contemplative music.

"Letting Go" is brimming with energy -- the arrival of Spring. The tempo at beginning and end is fast. A leisurely middle section in 6/8 meter, marked lightly, as a touch of Spring, provides a playful contrast before the rapid opening motives return and end abruptly.

"In Full Bloom" is inspired by the image of flower buds opening in Spring. The piano piles notes upon each other, spreading outward. The Violin theme is rhapsodic -- in love with Spring! A few contrasting sections are sparse and jagged. But the theme returns in full texture, with piano chords and string arpeggios, ending with the flower buds opening ascent in the piano. Spring has arrived!

Notes by the composer