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This website is built and maintained by Carson Cooman and Gwyneth Walker. The original website was built and maintained by Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (until October 2000).

There exist many photographic images throughout this site. Except for images of Gwyneth Walker listed explicitly on the main page as available for download and promotional use, other photographs may not be reproduced. Under no circumstances may they be re-used or re-posted on the internet without permission from the individual photographers or the entities depicted.

Any musical examples throughout the site are copyright by their respective publishers or the composer. All program notes are copyright either by Gwyneth Walker or Carson Cooman and may be freely reproduced for use in concert programs or for promotional use.

This site is designed to be best viewed at 800 x 600 screen resolution and may be viewed with Netscape 2 and higher or any version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Text-only browsers (although they will lack photos) will also be able to access the text of the site. There are no frames used anywhere in this site.

Commercial Recording Permissions: All rights to published works by Gwyneth Walker are controlled by their respective publishers. Consult the composer's catalog of works to see publisher contact information for each piece.

The publisher can grant initial permission to make a commercial recording, but a statutory mechanical recording license must be obtained from the Harry Fox Agency, which controls mechanical rights for all publishers.

If in doubt during this process, the publisher of a work is the best source for information on how best to proceed.

For unpublished works only, contact the composer directly to obtain recording permissions, using information on the home page.